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Merwin Studios – Drawing Water Productions

The Co-Creating Elements of Painting – Paintings as frozen breaths of moments strung together in time. The completion of this first process, the painting, arrives at the forming of a question. A point of thawing occurs, at the participating breath of a viewer, the co-creator, reforming the question into a flow of new wonderings and passing conclusions brushing past thoughts, leading to a view of remembered landscapes and experience seen from the cliffs and ridges of our lives. The viewer becomes the bestower of purpose and explanation through their participation. At this point the partnership of synchronicity is formed and the shift of meaning occurs.

Initially influenced by the Hudson River School and abstract expressionists I soon made a link to a continued love of Chinese and Japanese painting. My painting process expresses a layering of symbol and spirituality using nature as a doorway to the expression of existential concerns. I find this work a way of entering being more fully (on the other side of words).

Tom Merwin - Biography

Tom Merwin – Biography

Still through the tradition of landscape I find a way to enter being more fully. In landscapes and interior spaces, the world of each painting reveals itself slowly.[See Biography…]


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Tom Merwin – Video

Fine arts and video celebrating nature and creative expression through Vermont landscapes.[see Videos…]

Clip 1 of the Drawing Water Project

Presented by Merwinstudios.com, Ink. Actor ~ Tom Merwin, Videography ~ Matt Merwin.

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Fine arts and prints for sale. [Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Sumi Inks, ]

Clip 2 of the Drawing Water Project

Ink Actor ~ Tom Merwin, Videography ~ Matt Merwin.

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